Accessing new and potential customers

Providing customers with a user-friendly digital identification onboarding service reduces cost, lowers barriers to access products and services and is more customer inclusive

Onboarding customers quickly and securely improves access to customers and potential customers

Know Your Customer

Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) allows organisations to onboard customers digitally and efficiently, saving time and money.


Smart Screen

Avid Smart Screen accesses global and domestic data sources to screen for people of interest and relevant financial entities. Inclusion of internal fraud lists minimise fraud and financial losses.


Easy Set Up

Our Watch List Screening API enables integration of your systems with our services to automate watch-list screening and integration of electronic know your customer processes.


Increasing Customer Reach

It is important to establish a customer's identity and identify risk factors at the beginning of the customer relationship

This is also where many potential customers disengage

Providing customers a user friendly and affordable way to establish a business relationship reduces costs and improves access to the services you offer

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