Avid AML in Pakistan

Digital transformation enhancing governance and financial inclusion

Transformation Professionals

Transformation Professionals Private Limited (TPPL) are our partner in Pakistan providing Governance Risk and Compliance services, Digital Transformation and Technology, and Training. 

We are a multidisciplinary team of professional advisors, practitioners and trainers delivering expertise garnered from both local and global experience.  Our areas of specialisation include: Corporate and Regulatory Compliance, Board Governance Digital Transformation and Accounting, Finance and Corporate Advisory.

We specialise in digital transformation and provide access to Digital Onboarding, Cyber Security and Risk Management and state of art Anti-Money Laundering Software.

We help organisations across the private, public and social sectors create the change that matters and help identify the most important transformation objectives.  This means embedding digital transformation, governance, analytics, and design into core processes.

Our objective is to collaborate to build capabilities to help organisations thrive in an ever-changing environment.

Leveraging Technology

Pakistan's Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is increasingly important and has the potential to address a range of challenges. In recent years, Pakistan has witnessed significant progress in digital transformation. We have seen an increase in the adoption of digital technologies, such as mobile and internet penetration, e-commerce, and digital payments. The government of Pakistan has also initiated several digital initiatives, such as the Digital Pakistan Policy, aimed at promoting digitalisation in the country.

Two key areas of interest for Avid AML are:


Digital transformation can help improve governance, can be used to streamline administrative processes and enhance transparency. A key objective of Pakistan's Digital Pakistan Policy seeks to promote e-Governance, to make Pakistan the frontrunner in good governance through technology enablement at all levels. This transformation assists improving efficiency, transparency and accountability by setting up integrated government databases and applications.

Digital Financial Inclusion: 

Digital Inclusion policies are working to bridge the digital divide. Utilising technology is working towards financial inclusion providing access to financial services, insurance, healthcare, education, and other essential services.

Digital transformation is contributing to economic growth, digital inclusion governance, innovation and is shaping Pakistan's future.

Bringing Efficient Technology to You

FATF guidelines encourage firms to consider using reputable technology-driven solutions to minimise the risk of error, find efficiencies in their AML/CFT processes and foster a culture of compliance.

Avid AML has focused on providing a more affordable anti-money laundering software solution to designated non-financial businesses and professional services, not for profit organistations, money service businesses and micro-finance organisations. This is particularly important for small firms with less resources available to managing AML compliance.

Reducing the touch-points for customers improves speed to service and introducing technology and automation reduces risk and the cost of client onboarding.

We believe every firm should have access to easy and affordable technology to take the pain away from Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance. We thought about Anti-Money Laundering software in a new way. We took what we knew from large global banks and streamlined the process to create an affordable, modern and uncomplicated user experience.

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