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AMLakas in the Philippines are working towards a safer, more secure and more inclusive remittance and banking sector with a focus on the prevention of Online Sexual Exploitation of Children and strengthening of communities through financial inclusion.
AMLakas Sanctions Screening technology helps firms protect against online sexual exploitation of children and financial crime without compromising on security.

Bringing Efficient Technology to You

FATF guidelines encourage firms to consider using technology-driven solutions to minimise the risk of error, find efficiencies in their AML/CFT processes and foster a culture of compliance.

AMLakas has focused on providing a more affordable sanctions screening software solution to designated non-financial businesses and professional services, not for profit organistations, money service businesses and micro-finance organisations. This is particularly important for small firms with less resources available to managing AML compliance.

Reducing the touch-points for customers improves speed to service and introducing technology and automation reduces risk and the cost of client onboarding.

We believe every firm should have access to easy and affordable technology to take the pain away from Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance. We thought about Anti-Money Laundering software in a new way. We took what we knew from large global banks and streamlined the process to create an affordable, modern and uncomplicated user experience.

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