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We are dedicated to creating technology that connects clients with customers wherever they are, safely and securely. We are a team of innovators, thought leaders and creative minds who foster a collaborative environment where hard work is equally rewarded with respect and honest acknowledgement of efforts. Our culture is open, honest and welcoming to collaboration and positive contribution.

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Daniel Rogers

Founder & CEO
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Ali Tabatabaei

Chief Technology Officer
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Muhamad Nazri

Malaysia Partner
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Shomail Naqvi

Pakistan Partner
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AMLakas Philippines

Philippines Partner
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Transformation Professionals

Partner Pakistan
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Avid AML Shareholder & Development Partner
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New Zealand

Avid AML Shareholder & Development Partner

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Avid AML’s RegTech software makes Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance easy for low margin sectors across emerging economies where larger existing firms are unable to provide affordable or fit for purpose compliance solutions to the underbanked sector.

Our clients benefit from streamlined risk management and compliance with a more targeted and effective implementation of identification, screening and investigation procedures. Avid AML works with remittance organisations & money transfer businesses, non-profit organisations, micro-finance firms and rural banks to provide affordable onboarding enabling greater access to customers.

We believe all individuals should reap the benefits of a financial system that is open and accessible to all. Whether you’re an individual, a business, or a financial institution, technological innovations are lowering the cost of financial services and providing new access to tools. This can transform lives, help individuals save more and help businesses grow. Financial inclusion is everyone's business.

Our clients can now reach new customers with financial services transforming individual lives.

Bringing the end user, our customers' customers, into view enhances the compliance offering and extends our markets beyond compliance to deliver on our end-to-end promise of simplicity, affordability and ease of use.


To assist our clients to grow by providing access to additional markets with practical solutions to compliance in an evolving and competitive business environment. We aim to connect you with your customers wherever they are, safely, securely and swiftly.

Technology should simplify customer acquisition and improve the customer experience.

Introducing technology and automation reduces risk and the cost of client onboarding. Empowering the first line of defence by giving compliance teams access to on-boarding tools embeds the right culture of compliance from the start. AML technology is no longer the domain of the big banks - software like Avid AML’s has been designed for small to medium-sized financial and non-financial firms.


Financial inclusion builds a safe, secure and sustainable future for people across the globe. With access to basic financial products and services in savings, payments and credit, people can invest in their futures; plan for the unexpected; and build businesses with confidence.

We believe everyone has a right to access financial services and safely store, grow and utilise their funds.

Avid AML is focused on providing affordable onboarding technology to compliment global efforts of the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and Non-Governmental Organisations like the Alliance for Financial Inclusion and the Centre For Financial Inclusion whose stated objectives are to provide greater access to financial services.

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